What You Need For The Perfect Boho Style Home

The Bohemian style, also commonly referred to as boho style or boho chic, is a design style for bold individuals who are not afraid to make a statement with their spaces. It is a creative and artistic style that brings together color, texture, symmetry, and various cultures to create beautiful spaces. You have probably come across images of this design style on the internet, and you are keen to transform your space to the same. This guide will isolate the best tips to get started in a Bohemian style space.

Identify Your Style

There are two main types of Bohemian decorating. One is based around a neutral palette for the main pieces, then accessorized using colorful and creative accent pieces and decor. This is a more relaxed Bohemian style idea. There is also a different kind on the other side of the spectrum for more daring people where you can go all in and experiment with a myriad of colors, patterns, and textures for that oriental boho style feel. Choose one that suits you best to guide you while getting items for your space.

Lower Furniture

This is ideal for the living space and bedroom, where lower furniture brings out the bohemian style more. It is unconventional, which makes it unique and authentic in this style of decorating. Some extreme enthusiasts do away with couches altogether and use large pillows or sit on bare oriental rugs.

Handwoven Items

Another unique feature of this style is the use of oriental handwoven pieces both for decoration and functionality. This applies to rugs, throw blankets, pillow covers, baskets, rope plants or bulb holders, to name a few. The natural appearance of handwoven items and crafts appears to have a rich culture or historical background that perfectly suits the bohemian style. You can also DIY simple pieces and use them to decorate.


Simply put, the more color you have in space, the bolder the statement you make and the more Bohemian it looks. From the paint on the walls to smaller details as the knick-knacks in your home, color is the easiest way to incorporate a boho style feel to your home. You can use richly colored tapestry, brightly dyed rugs, throw pillows, flowers, and accent chairs to bring in the Bohemian feel in your home slowly. Combine color with unique patterns for an even better transformation similar to the many inspiration pictures you may have come across online.

Floral by svetlanasokolova - www.freepik.com