Select the Perfect Reading Nook Ideas

In our busy lives, it is a luxury to enjoy a responsibility-free afternoon. However, suppose we create spaces in our homes for relaxing activities, such as meditating, putting on a mud mask, working through a pile of magazines, or reading a novel. In that case, they can serve as perfect havens to find the time and slow down for self-care amidst chaotic schedules. In case you want to create a cozy architectural space to isolate from the family or have a tricky space in your home, you may consider the following reading nook ideas. The spaces below will inspire you to design your very own reading space where you can escape.

Discover your light

You may create space by the window and install overhead sconces to create a cozy feel. Lighting your reading nook is critical, not just for your eyes but to create a relaxing and welcoming ambiance. In case you have been craving for a cozy reading nook but didn’t have an idea how to make it more appealing, consider installing some lighting, and you’ll enjoy a relaxing feel as you turn the pages of your favorite book.

Don’t underrate windows

Natural lighting is one of the perfect lighting sources you can ever have. In case you have a space where you set your reading nook, choose for a space close to a natural source of light such as a skylight, and reflect rays from the next room or by the window. If the area has a bright light, you may add window treatments or sheers or windows to keep away from excessive glare. Otherwise, your eyes will fatigue as you read. You may consider using a mix of natural light and artificial lighting to ensure the space is welcoming any time of the night or day.

Personalize your reading nook

Your reading space needs to reflect your personal style for enjoying and reading time to yourself. Try and customize your reading area with custom lighting. A hanging pendant lamp, a built-in overhead light, or try installing recessed lighting to help illuminate your nook uniquely. You can enjoy your reading nook with lighting alternatives that match your home décor too! A tiny nook set in your dimmed bedroom may require more lighting compared to a nook situated in a sunny living room! Take cues from lighting fixtures in the next places, and imitate them in your comfortable reading space.

For more inspiration, check out these great reading nook ideas from Tylko!

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Tips on Factors to Consider Before Buying a TV Stand

A TV stand helps at enhancing the viewing experience and provides storage for your multimedia accessories.

As a gathering spot and a focal point, it is crucial to have a great selection of a TV stand on display.

If you are a TV lover, selecting the appropriate TV stand that matches your TV feature could spare you a lot of neck aching and cranky guests. Therefore, when it’s a movie or football time, make sure your TV stand is appropriate for your living room set up.

Herein are the factors to consider when buying a TV stand:

Viewing Height

Neck craning is a recipe for discomfort. Turning your neck in different positions while watching TV can be disturbing. Therefore, while choosing your TV stand, ensure your screen is at an eye level. The most recommendable TV height is 42 inches; the best position will only depend on your couch height. To be precise, for a comfortable setup, make sure you measure your eye level while on the couch to avoid straining while watching.

Determine the Width of your TV

Selecting a TV stand will require you to have the actual width of your TV screen. You can use tape to know the width of your TV size. Measure from the far left of your TV to the far-right TV frame for actual measurements. Note the width dimensions and keep it in mind when it comes to purchasing a TV stand. The TV stand’s wrong dimensions can pose a significant tragedy, be cautious not to place a big TV on a small TV stand.

TV Stand Style

Now that we have mentioned a few factors, the style needs to be considered. You might have the best TV ever, with the right heights, width, and one that provides a perfect viewing experience; however, your choice of a TV stand can be tedious. It can ruin your binge moments for the rest of your days. Fortunately, lately, TV stands come in different materials, colours, and aesthetics.

Stand Strength

Having mentioned the above factors, there’s the TV stand strength to consider. You should always check that the TV stand is strong enough to carry the weight of the TV. Most TV stands are built explicitly with a maximum weight that can hold up a TV set. It should be at full strength and with a greater weight capacity than that of your TV.

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What You Need For The Perfect Boho Style Home

The Bohemian style, also commonly referred to as boho style or boho chic, is a design style for bold individuals who are not afraid to make a statement with their spaces. It is a creative and artistic style that brings together color, texture, symmetry, and various cultures to create beautiful spaces. You have probably come across images of this design style on the internet, and you are keen to transform your space to the same. This guide will isolate the best tips to get started in a Bohemian style space.

Identify Your Style

There are two main types of Bohemian decorating. One is based around a neutral palette for the main pieces, then accessorized using colorful and creative accent pieces and decor. This is a more relaxed Bohemian style idea. There is also a different kind on the other side of the spectrum for more daring people where you can go all in and experiment with a myriad of colors, patterns, and textures for that oriental boho style feel. Choose one that suits you best to guide you while getting items for your space.

Lower Furniture

This is ideal for the living space and bedroom, where lower furniture brings out the bohemian style more. It is unconventional, which makes it unique and authentic in this style of decorating. Some extreme enthusiasts do away with couches altogether and use large pillows or sit on bare oriental rugs.

Handwoven Items

Another unique feature of this style is the use of oriental handwoven pieces both for decoration and functionality. This applies to rugs, throw blankets, pillow covers, baskets, rope plants or bulb holders, to name a few. The natural appearance of handwoven items and crafts appears to have a rich culture or historical background that perfectly suits the bohemian style. You can also DIY simple pieces and use them to decorate.


Simply put, the more color you have in space, the bolder the statement you make and the more Bohemian it looks. From the paint on the walls to smaller details as the knick-knacks in your home, color is the easiest way to incorporate a boho style feel to your home. You can use richly colored tapestry, brightly dyed rugs, throw pillows, flowers, and accent chairs to bring in the Bohemian feel in your home slowly. Combine color with unique patterns for an even better transformation similar to the many inspiration pictures you may have come across online.

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